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I have been a customer for almost two years. I've found them to be reliable and thorough. They are open to feedback about how you like your house cleaned. They know everyone does things just a little differently and they accomodate. Communications are prompt by phone or e-mail. Whenever concerns have come up, they have been quickly rectified.

-Lorraine, Richland



My wife has never been so satisfied. When these girls come over, my wife can relax because she knows the job is getting done right.

- Bob, Kennewick

They are very reliable and keep in touch if there are any questions or concerns. My cleaner comes always on schedule and does a remarkable job and has a great attitude for doing work that I am trying to get out of.

I really appreciate the hard work that the owner of Clean R Us LLC and the person cleaning my house put into the business. I highly recommend their services.

- Sheryl, Kennewick

I have appreciated the work you have been doing and especially the level of professionalism you have maintained."

Nancy, Kennewick


I just wanted to let you know that I have been highly impressed with the cleaning service we have had over the past few weeks. I was expecting a settling in time with our new cleaner and there just isn't anything that I can be nit picky about . I have no regrets about changing to your service."

- April, Kennewick

As a landlord I'm busy and don't always have the time to get my properties ready to show. I'm glad that I can call them on a "as needed" basis. I get a first rate cleaning on a timely basis without having to commit to a long term contract.

- Tom, Kennewick

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